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CI™ 5-4 Swine will tip the profit scales in your favor

What is it?

CI 5-4 Swine, a product of WE International, Inc., is a revolution in pig production. This new drinking water additive is designed to improve digestion in pigs. But customers have also reported overall weight gain of pigs, from the weaning stage to the finish stage. In other testimonials, customers have said it also resulted in less weight reduction in sows during farrowing and lactation, a reduced incidence of stillborn pigs, an increase in weaning weight, and runts catch up with the rest of the litter by weaning age.

How does it work?

CI 5-4 Swine breaks down ingredients in pig feed, making it easier for the pigs to digest. As a result, the pigs are able to assimilate ingredients in the feed that are not easily digested. This translates into less wasted feed, improved feed conversion, and a higher average weight (based on customer testimonials).

Is it easy to use?

CI 5-4 Swine costs only a few cents per pig, but offers great benefits and savings. This water-based product can be easily introduced into your water system, and there is no powder to collect in the system or clog your filters.

Is it approved?

All ingredients are non-toxic, "generally regarded as safe," and meet all requirements of American Association of Feed Control Officials, Inc. (AAFCO) as listed in their current publication.

There has been a lot of coverage in the news about artificial growth hormones and the problems they create for animals and people. Does CI 5-4 Swine contain hormones?

No. This product does not contain any growth hormones, bacteria, or live products. It is a natural enzyme-based water additive. Enzymes act as catalysts to make other processes function more efficiently. CI 5-4 Swine is not only safe, it has no residual carryover.

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