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What type of project is it?

Residential Garage
Agricultural Storage
Commercial Industrial

What area do you want to insulate?

roof/attic concrete floor radiant heating system
interior walls (house) wood floor radiant heating system
crawlspace garage
housewrap (exterior) under concrete (no RFH)

What are the dimensions of your project?

We need to know the length and the width of your attic, garage, or building. If you want to put rFoil or No-Tear on your roof, just tell us the length, width, and roof pitch of your attic. If you want to do the walls, we need the length and width of your house/building, PLUS the wall height.

What is the spacing of the studs/joists/rafters (i.e. 16", 24")?

If you're doing more than one area, list each area and its spacing.

Is this a new project, or a retrofit?

New Retrofit

Will you need reflective tape?

We recommend using reflective tape to join any seams you have. This will stop heat from leaking through them, as well as vapor and radon (for basement applications). However, it's NOT needed for most attic applications.

Yes No

Describe what you want to do in this project.

Tell us about the building itself, and what you want to ultimately accomplish. If there are any special aesthetics we should consider (like exposed rafters or tile floors), tell us about them.

Is there anything special you need?

We can cut the insulation to any size or length you need (a standard roll is 4' x 125', or 500 square feet), or we can even provide insulation with staple tabs.

Did you, or will you, download a PDF brochure from our website?

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